CNN forgets period

January 13, 2010

CNN reported on the Special Senate Election in Massachusetts. In the article, they forgot a period at the end of a sentence.

CNN omits space after comma, misspells word

August 28, 2009

CNN reported on a Florida judicial case and omitted a space after the comma. They have since updated that phrase completely, opting to create a new sentence, perhaps in order to avoid spaces after commas.

Additionally, CNN misspelled the word “one”.

CNN forgets (or adds) comma

August 5, 2009

CNN are* on a roll today, with respect to grammatical errors. In another story on the freed United States journalists who were detained in North Korea, CNN should have put a comma after “Hannah.” Alternatively, the comma before “Hannah” could have been removed.


* At Copy Editing the Web, we refer to organizations as collective nouns, resulting in plural verb conjugations. This was learned from watching and reading about too many football games in England.

CNN makes several errors

August 5, 2009

CNN reported recently on the humanitarian mission of Former President Bill Clinton to North Korea to secure the release of two United States journalists. They did not capitalize the formal title of “President” that preceded Clinton’s name. They managed to get it right on Kim Jong Il’s name, but they referred to him as “president,” which is a point of political contention and probably not quite accurate.


CNN made another error in this story with a missing line break. Between each bulleted line, there should be a space.


Finally, spoken quotation grammar aside, CNN should have capitalized the word “and” to start a sentence.


CNN misspells product name

June 17, 2009

A recent CNN Money headline made several mistakes with respect to Research In Motion and their signature line of products, the BlackBerry. The ‘In’ in the company’s name is capitalized. Additionally, the capitalization of “BlackBerry” is incorrect in the story.


CNN on Obama invitation

May 7, 2009

So this isn’t really a serious error; I think we know what they meant, but Obama did not invite “major economies” but more probably the heads of nations with major economies. My first reaction when I saw this headline was a bit shocking, since I read it, “King Obama.” Yikes.


CNN reports on Berlusconi

April 6, 2009

CNN has a missing space between ‘Silvio’ and ‘Berlusconi’ that may have occurred because of the link tag.