AppleInsider cites wrong number

January 13, 2010

AppleInsider reported on next-generation Intel chips in future Apple computer hardware. In the article, they meant to refer to the 32 nm fabrication process and not a 3 nm process.

With respect to units on numbers, this site prefers a space separating the number and the unit of measure, such as “32 nm.” AI and many others choose to omit this space.

While AppleInsider is not even a Top 5,000 site on the Internet, according to, it enjoys a 2,000-level spot within the United States. In truth they amount more to a blog than they do an actual news organization, but the quality of their content is among the best in that class of information.

AppleInsider uses wrong units

May 27, 2009

AppleInsider isn’t exactly the pinnacle of mainstream journalism by any stretch of the imagination, but they have quite a high readership in the world of Apple users. Nevermind the fact that they appear to use pseudonyms for all of their articles (it’s still amusing to me when Google News aggregation picks up a story by Prince McLean — I guess it could be a real name); they are also not immune to errors in copy. In this story, they labeled 120 GB as $120 GB.