BBC makes ‘its’ error

December 20, 2010

Oops. I guess not even the all-powerful BBC is immune to errors of “its” versus “it’s”. While the former is possessive (its car), the latter is a contraction of “it is”.


PC Magazine joins words

February 22, 2010

Reporting on Apple and Microsoft, PC Magazine made a mistake in which the phrase, “It may” became “Imay.”

PC World misspells a contraction

February 19, 2010

PC World reported on a new service by Google called Buzz and misspelled “hasn’t” by leaving out the “n”.

Note: We are experimenting with quotation marks, as part of an ongoing study to examine their interaction with other punctuation marks. The quotation marks around the letter “n” above would be incorrect in American English but correct in British English. We currently believe that the British version is a better rule. There is no reason to include the period in the quotation in this instance, as it confers to additional information to the quotation and may, in fact, confuse a reader into thinking that the period is part of the omission.

FOX has trouble with font sizes

January 17, 2010

While traditionally outside the scope of our primary interests, we think it’s reasonable to mention when news organizations, blogs, or makes other typographical errors. recently reported on the First Couple and had several different typeface sizes for different sentences, even within the same sentence. It was unclear if it was intended to add emphasis. Major WebKit-based (Apple Safari, Google Chrome) and Gecko-based (Firefox, Camino) browsers both showed these formatting issues.

AppleInsider cites wrong number

January 13, 2010

AppleInsider reported on next-generation Intel chips in future Apple computer hardware. In the article, they meant to refer to the 32 nm fabrication process and not a 3 nm process.

With respect to units on numbers, this site prefers a space separating the number and the unit of measure, such as “32 nm.” AI and many others choose to omit this space.

While AppleInsider is not even a Top 5,000 site on the Internet, according to, it enjoys a 2,000-level spot within the United States. In truth they amount more to a blog than they do an actual news organization, but the quality of their content is among the best in that class of information.

CNN forgets period

January 13, 2010

CNN reported on the Special Senate Election in Massachusetts. In the article, they forgot a period at the end of a sentence.

NY Daily News forgets a space

December 31, 2009

The NY Daily News reported on Hobey Baker Award winner and rookie Rangers defenseman Matt Gilroy’s ridiculous demotion and left out a space in the phrase “22 skaters.” Gilroy recently completed his senior season at Boston University, where he led the team to win every possible piece of hardware a college hockey team could imagine.